Sunday, April 1, 2012

Breaking News: 18 A-10Cs left CONUS for Afghanistan

Breaking News: A flight of 18 A-10Cs left Continental United States (CONUS) for Afghanistan. Pictures and serial numbers from their stopover at Lajes Airfield, Azores, will be posted soon.

On my Facebook page Jared Soergel posted:

Mass flight of A-10s headed overseas. 18 of them departed KMTN this morning supported by three tankers.

MAZDA 61 (x8) with GOLD 11
MAZDA 69 (x2) RTB Martin State (airspares)
MAZDA 71 (x6) with GOLD 21
MAZDA 81 (x6) with GOLD 31

I'm still waiting for pictures from Warthog News contributor André Inácio, Portugal.

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