Monday, August 9, 2010

Two 190th Fighter Squadron A-10s logged at Lajes

As mentioned on the Dutch Scramble Messageboard, A-10s 78-0703 and 79-0194 from the 190th Fighter Squadron, 124th Wing (Idaho Air National Guard), Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, were logged at Lajes Field, Azores, July 28, 2010.

Also posted is the following info:

- Some A-10s should be arriving at Lajes tomorrow (Monday July 26).

- The A-10s should be departing tomorrow (Saturday) as Mazda 75 and Mazda 76. They are under CE161. [CE = Coronet East, J.J.]

My reply, just posted this night:

Is there any destination known for both A-10s? Spangdahlem AB (if really only two)? Or Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan (as advance guard of an ANG "Rainbow Team" to replace the 81st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron from Spang)? Any pictures, taken at Lajes?


By the way: In mid-May 2010, the 81st EFS arrived at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, for a scheduled four-month combat deployment supporting Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). And now, it's time to relieve the 81st EFS by another unit.


  1. More A-10's went to Kandahar AF from Spangdahlem as well as the guard. They requested more planes down there.

  2. also the 81st will be there longer since they sent more people and A-10s.

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