Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More A-10Cs are deployed to reinforce the 81st EFS at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan (Update)

According to inofficial sources, at least six unknown A-10Cs from the 81st Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Wing (USAFE), Spangdahlem AB, Germany, together with A-10Cs 78-0703 and 79-0194 from the 190th Fighter Squadron, 124th Wing (Idaho Air National Guard), Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, are deployed to reinforce the 81st Expeditionary Fighter Squadron at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

Let me present the main pieces of that info puzzle:

Scramble Messageboard, topic ETAD 30-07-2010

Posted: 30 Jul 2010, 21:18
6 A-10s left ETAD today for LICZ, and then further (south)east for exercise or deployment.

Posted: 02 Aug 2010, 11:35
Sigonella should be first stop. They were going further on, but no clue on destination. Might be short exercise as well.

Scramble Messageboard, topic Lajes (Azores) (LPLA/TER) - 2010 MIL

Posted: 26 Jul 2010, 01:40
Some A-10s should be arriving at Lajes tomorrow (Monday July 26).

Posted: 30 Jul 2010, 17:08
An intresting week at Lajes produced the following,

[...] 28 july

Posted: 31 Jul 2010, 04:25
The A-10s should be departing tomorrow (Saturday) as Mazda 75 and Mazda 76. They are under CE161.

Posted: 10 Aug 2010, 19:01
Hi J.J. and others,

I have no additional info about the A-10's.

I think that the 2 ID coded A-10's who where at Lajes did a rendezvous at Sigonella with the 6 SP A-10's and then fly futher into Afgan with the ZZ kadena tanker aswel. That ZZ tanker was spotted several days later on Mildenhall.....

Hog grtzzz,

Anonymous comments to my post Two 190th Fighter Squadron A-10s logged at Lajes:

- More A-10's went to Kandahar AF from Spangdahlem as well as the guard. They requested more planes down there.

- also the 81st will be there longer since they sent more people and A-10s.

Comment by me: It looks like the two ID Hogs crossed the Atlantic for a first stopover at Lajes Airfield, Azores. The six Spang Hogs departed their home base in Germany for a first stopover at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily. And then, all eight aircraft did a rendezvous at Sigonella to reach their last stopover - Al Udeid AB, Quatar.

After their arrival at Kandahar Airfield, the 81st EFS will comprise 12 + 8 A-10Cs.

Let me point out: Such a reinforcement of A-10s is a first in the history of Operation Enduring Freedom. In the past, we only had replacements in cause of wing cracks.

If the combat deployment of the 81st EFS is extended, which A-10 unit will be their replacement?

I would be very grateful for any more related info and pictures.

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