Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First of the deployed 127th Wing A-10Cs caught at D-M

Warthog News contributor James O'Rear from United States had the opportunity to catch some A-10Cs from the 107th Fighter Squadron, 127th Wing (Michigan ANG), Selfridge ANGB, January 11, 2010, on their first deployment to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.

A-10C 80-0257 on final approach. (Photo by James O'Rear) Full size

A-10C 80-0258 on final approach. This Hog is a survivor having suffered a SAM hit over Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom, April 8, 2003, yet able to be returned to base. (Photo by James O'Rear) Full size

A-10C 80-0256 on final approach. (Photo by James O'Rear)

BTW: I just realized that at least these three and some other 107th Fighter Squadron Hogs still have no fin-flash or fin-cap flash. But at least some 107th FS Hogs are already wearing "Red Devils" markings on their engine nacelles. Please give me time to re-check all of that.

Please visit James O'Rear's photostream on flickr

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