Thursday, February 14, 2013

81st Fighter Squadron A-10Cs caught during exercise REAL THAW 2013 February 13, 2013

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

At Monte Real Air Base, Portugal, aviation photographer Marco Casaleiro from Portugal had the opportunity to take the following shots of A-10Cs from the 81st Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Wing (USAFE), Spangdahlem AB, Germany, during take-off on Wednesday afternoon.

A-10C 81-0962. (Photo by Marco Casaleiro) Full size

A-10C 81-0981, marked 81 FS as the 81st Fighter Squadron's boss bird. (Photo by Marco Casaleiro) Full size

A-10C 82-0650. (Photo by Marco Casaleiro) Full size

A-10C 82-0654. (Photo by Marco Casaleiro) Full size

Please note: I'm a little bit surprised, but the only load what I can see is Sniper XR targeting pod on station 10. Why are these jets so clean? Orientation flights? As Marco told me via e-mail, this four-ship taked off 14:38 local time and landed 16:58 local time in the following order: 81-0981, 82-0654, 81-0962, 82-0650.

BTW: Marco already announced some more additional shots!

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