Sunday, January 24, 2010

Return of the 12 deployed 354th EFS Hogs to D-M delayed

By Joachim Jacob

As mentioned on the recommendable Dutch Scramble Messagebord just two hours ago (European time), the first six A-10Cs should depart from Martin State Airport (KMTN), Baltimore, Maryland, to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, today, Sunday. The second cell is filed from Lajes Airfield, Azores, to Martin State AP Sunday aswell as Trend 21-26.

As already mentioned by the same source (on Friday), only six 354th EFS A-10Cs made it to Martin State AP on Thursday as Trend 11-16. The second cell (Trend 21-26) has been filed for Friday.

See topic: Lajes (Azores) (LPLA/TER) - 2010 MIL (On Scramle, my user name is J.J.)

Originally, a 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs press release (Release Number: 080110) from January 19, 2010, stated: Additionally, the pilots and 12 A-10s will return to Davis-Monthan on Saturday, Jan. 23 at a time to-be-determined.

But via e-mail, Warthog News contributor James O'Rear yesterday told me: No jets as of 3pm local time. :-(

BTW: Warthog News contributors James O'Rear and Ned Harris (both from United States) are still ready to take arrival shots.

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