Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Awesome A-10 OIF Artwork by Rick Herter

Just found today by trying Google for A-10 models:

Providing Close Air Support (CAS), an A-10 Warthog from the 23rd Fighter Group makes a tight, descending turn as it approaches its target in downtown Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003. 22"x 32" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. Price: $149.00


Please note: This awesome OIF artwork by Rick Herter is absolutely new to me.

Note: This TOP artwork would be the right front cover for every upcoming A-10 OIF book... (like this one manuscript which I currently prepare to offer Osprey Publishing).

Related background info:

Description: "CAS with Teeth" is a new Giclee print/canvas by Rick Herter. In 2003 Rick was invited by the Air Force to travel to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. While there, he would help historically document the Air Force mission through art for the Air Force Art Program. The artist flew several missions over the length and breadth of the country. One of the places he visited was the captured Iraqi Air Base at Tallil, which is near Basra. A-10 Warthogs from the 110th Fighter Wing, Michigan Air National Guard and the 23rd Fighter Group, Pope Air Force Base, were flying missions from the air base against Iraqi targets.

CAS is the military term for Close Air Support. In this dramatic scene a Hawg from the 23rd FG, 74 FS makes a tight, descending turn as he begins ingress against a target in downtown Baghdad. The Hawg pilot has started to dispense flares to draw off any potential SAM missiles from his heavily armed aircraft. In the distance you'll notice the Hawg drivers' wingman pulling up to altitude after his attack on the target. The reference photos used in this painting were taken by the artist on one of his missions over Baghdad.

If you desire your canvas to be customized, please indicate your squadron/fighter wing in the comments section during checkout.


Another A-10 OIF artwork by Rick Herter ("DFC Over Baghdad"):

Related background info:

Description: On 10, April 2003 A-10 Warthogs from the 110FW 172 FS flew a harrowing mission wherein Lt. Col. Dave "Baja" Kennedy and Maj. Scott "Hoss" Cuel answered a call from U.S. ground troops for desperately needed close air support.

An embattled Marine Corps unit was pinned down by RPG and small arms fire from an Iraqi Army and insurgent force. The Marines were taking heavy casualties and unable to evacuate their wounded. The commanding officer called the Warthogs in to lay down fire only a few meters away from his own troops. The guns pass by the A-10's broke the back of the Iraqi ambush and saved the lives of over fifty Marines. For their actions that day, Kennedy and Cuel were awarded the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross.

Lt. Col. Dave "Baja" Kennedy
Maj. Scott "Hoss" Cuel


Rick's A-10 OIF paintings are simply very top!!!


  1. On the "CAS with Teeth" the weapons load is wrong. An AGM-65 on station 10? You would think for that much moony he would have got that right.


  2. AGM-65 Maverick is on the right place on station 9. Mounted on station 10 is a LAU-131 Rocket Launcher, and station 11 is empty.