Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A-10 Christmas page published on The Warthog Pen

On his recommendable A-10 website The Warthog Pen Joe "Dice-man" Hodges launched a nice page called A Warthog Christmas. As a long-time Hog maintainer, he does a great job with his outstanding A-10 ladder door art project. Joe is also a moderator of Warthog Territory Forums (WTF) - the world's top forum to discuss about the A-10 Thunderbolt II ("Warthog").

On this special page, Joe posted the following nice carricature, already created in 2008 by Fritz Simmons, The Arizona Daily Star, but it was not known to me.

In his sleigh, pulled by eight reindeer, Santa Claus is escorted by an "unidentified" A-10. (Cartoon by Fritz Simmons, The Arizona Daily Star, 2008)

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