Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warthog News now linked on DCS A-10C Virtual Italian Community

Today, I got the following e-mail:

Good Evening Joachim,
my name is Andrea "Heater", Team Leader of Fighter Combat Simulations
In my group there is a dedicate Squadron as the 81 FS Spangdhalem and we are the first Italian Community in our country. I have added your site to the list of links in the forums and I would like to share with you this spectacular airplane.

Your blog is really well done, I read it often.

Best regards

Andrea "Heater" Papaleo
81° VFS Commander & FCS Admin

Many thanks for visiting Warthog News, Andrea. And please let me tell you: I'm now in the process to add a special DCS A-10C Warthog section to my blog. Warthog News is growing every week... By kind support from friends, fans and new contributors.

"Heater" sitting in the cockpit of a virtual A-10C.

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