Monday, June 13, 2011

'Heineken A-10'

Yesterday, from Mickey H. Osterreicher I got this e-mail:

Joachim, I have become an everyday reader of your blog. Thank you again for providing this service to the A-10 community. At an art festival this weekend I bought a model A-10 made out of Heineken beer cans. While not up to the same photographic standards as your other postings I thought your readers might enjoy seeing them. Thanks again for all you do.

Rear view of the model. (Photo by Mickey H. Osterreicher) Full size

The craftsmen of such unique models are Shao Lin Xia and Sompit Xia, both from China. Please visit their website. Pictured at left is another sample of their A-10 models.

Comment: Many thanks for your very interesting feedback, Mickey. A-10 models made of drink cans is absolutely new for me. Not far away from some spectacular A-10 Lego models.

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