Thursday, April 14, 2011

Could an A-10 carry an AIM-9 Sidewinder only on Pylon 1?

On his Flickr photostream, Warthog News contributor Ned Harris from the United States published this close-up picture of an A-10C, carrying a Sidewinder missile directly mounted on Pylon 1 and not, as usual, on a Dual Rail Adapter (DRA). Is that really possible???

(Photo by Ned Harris) Full size


  1. It's on a DRA, you can see the sway braces are on it as well as the inboard rail when you look real close. The A-10 CAN NOT carry one AIM-1 directly on the pylon.

  2. The A-10 can not pylon mount Aim-9's. This Aim-9 is on a DRA,'s just hidden by the angle of the picture.

  3. If you take a good look at the sidewinder, you will notice that both upper tail fins are on the outside of pylon one and you can also see a portion of the DLA behind the seeker head on the front. If this missle was mounted directly to the pylon. The pylon would split the upper tail fins.

  4. Ha Ha in one word NO. This is just a trick of the angle the photo was taken from. Notice the top fins of the sidewinder, you can see both which means the 9 is located not under the station but, to the outboard side. If the sidewinder was mounted to the pylon you would only see one fin because the other would be on the inboard side of the pylon and not visible.


  5. Many thanks for your helpful comments, guys. Yes, it was the angle of view... (Never seen before in such a situation)

    Joachim Jacob
    Warthog News Editor