Friday, July 30, 2010

In Memoriam: Marina Naumann - Rest in Peace

By Joachim Jacob

Especially to all of my friends who are supporting Warthog News: The remains of Marina were buried today on an anonyme Buddhistic urnfield at Ruhleben Cemetery, Berlin, Germany.

General arrangement. (Photo by Dirk Jacob)

Some private artefacts, draped by me. (Photo by Dirk Jacob)

On the grave: Just one more cigarette for Marina. Only minutes after taking this picture, and after another howling attack by me, I returned back to the grave and smoked another cigarette for with my loved-one. (Photo by Dirk Jacob)

On the grave: Marinas cigarette is burned out. By the way: The wild white roses at right are from me. (Photo by Dirk Jacob)

Note: Marina was a great fan of Mike & The Mechanics. And here's her most favourite song:

Note: This post will be further updated.

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