Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moody A-10C pilot ejects from aircraft

Released by 23rd Wing Public Affairs:

5/10/2010 - MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- An Air Force A-10C pilot assigned to the 23rd Wing ejected from the aircraft during takeoff at approximately 4:58 p.m. today at the south end of the Moody runway.

The pilot was transported by ambulance to South Georgia Medical Center, Valdosta, Ga., for medical evaluation and is currently under examination.

The aircraft came to rest in the infield between the Moody runways.

Moody emergency response personnel were dispatched and proceeded to the accident scene. The Moody Fire Department extinguished the aircraft and grass fire.

The aircraft incident is still under investigation. Additional details will be provided as information becomes available.

For more information, call the 23rd Wing Public Affairs Office at (229) 257-3395.


First comment: Glad the pilot made it out o.k. And so I hope, he's unhurt. Anybody who can/will disclose the aircraft's serial number? Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

Update late May 11, 2010:

Posted today by majormadmax (user name) on Warthog Territory Forums:

Pilot ejected after plane (79-9141) caught fire after takeoff. He was admitted and released from the hospital. The plane came to rest in the infield between runways, emergency crews rushed in to treat the pilot, extinguish the aircraft and a grass fire it ignited.

See topic: Estimated Class A Mishap at Moody


  1. What part of not stealing people's shit don't you understand....no one needs to know what serial # the airplane was except the people investigating the accident....I believe that is why you were banned from WT.....

  2. On this planet, especially in Western Europe, there are enough aviation enthusiasts who are interested in the aircraft's serial number.

    Secondly: Any post on Hog Chat is free for public viewing.

    Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor