Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wing may lose three A-10s, 101 positions, according to Air Force proposal

from 442nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs

6/26/2009 - WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. -- The Air Force Reserve's 442nd Fighter Wing, based here, could lose 101 positions and three of its A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft, according to the Air Force's Fiscal 2010 force-structure realignment proposal released today.

The force-structure realignment for Fiscal Year 2010 proposes a decrease of 90 part-time, or traditional reserve, positions, as well as 11 full-time, or air reserve technician, positions sometime after December 2009. The manpower cuts would accompany a decrease in aircraft for the wing from 24 to 21.

The 442nd Fighter Wing flies, maintains and supports a squadron of A-10 attack aircraft used primarily for close-air support of combat ground forces and for combat search and rescue missions. The unit moved its A-10s to Whiteman in 1994.

Currently, the 442nd Fighter Wing is authorized 1,048 positions, including 282 full-time air reserve technicians at Whiteman.

"While we don't know exactly which positions the proposal covers, we know that they will probably be tied to the loss of our three aircraft," said Col. Mark Clemons, 442nd Fighter Wing commander. "The positions would most likely be in the areas of aircraft maintenance and operations."

Under the proposal, the 101 positions would be distributed among other mission areas in the Air Force Reserve.

Today's announcement addresses the Air Force's force structure, realignment and management actions supported by the president's fiscal 2010 budget and summarizes the civilian and military personnel changes, as well as the reassignment of aircraft at bases for the upcoming fiscal year.

"The force structure announcement reflects our best effort to meet the expanding Air Force mission areas and growing joint demands," said Gen. Norton Schwartz, the Air Force chief of staff.

The Air Force is planning an updated force structure announcement, which will be provided to Congress in November or December 2009.

The Air Force also outlined proposals for 30 other Air Force Reserve Command locations.

For more details about the Fiscal 2010 Force Structure realignment, read the Fiscal Year 2010 Force Structure Announcement or review the Fiscal Year 2010 Force Structure Briefing.


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