Sunday, December 9, 2012

Exclusive: A-10C swap between D-M and Nellis (Update)

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

During the last couple of weeks, Warthog News contributor Bruce Smith from the United States documented a "silent" but significant swap of A-10Cs between the 355th Fighter Wing (ACC), Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, and the 66th Weapons Squadron (WPS), USAF Weapons School (USAFWS), 57th Wing (ACC), Nellis AFB, Nevada. Meanwhile, Bruce identified the sixth former D-M "Hog" by serial number, now also part of the 66th WPS. At Nellis, he had the opportunity to take some related shots.

A-10C 78-0709, the sixth former D-M "Hog", now marked "66 WPS" as the new boss bird, 2012-11-30. (Photo by Bruce Smith) Full size

First photo proof of moved and remarked A-10C 80-0204, 2012-11-29, not to be confused with A-10C 79-0204, which the 66th WPS kept from their former inventory. (Photo by Bruce Smith) Full size

First photo proof of remarked A-10C 78-0671, 2012-11-29. (Photo by Bruce Smith) Full size

The six former D-M "Hogs" by serial numbers:

A-10C 78-0657 ex 358th FS
A-10C 78-0671 ex 357th FS
A-10C 78-0709 ex 357th FS
A-10C 80-0176 ex 358th FS
A-10C 80-0204 ex 358th FS
A-10C 82-0665 ex ... FS, formerly marked 355 TH OG/CC

Probably one of the latest shots of A-10C 78-0709 in it's old outfit:

A-10C 78-0709 at Nellis October 10, 2012. (Photo by Peter Boschert) Full size

BTW: I've to ask Peter Boschert for his permission to post this picture.

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