Monday, September 3, 2012

"Hogs" of Hawgsmoke 2012

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

I'm currently in the process to document A-10Cs by serial numbers which participated in Hawgsmoke 2012.

Please note: Most of the following picture info is given by Warthog News contributor Ned Harris from the United States.

  190th FS "Skull Bangers" A-10Cs on Snowbird ramp for Hawgsmoke 2012, Davis-Monthan AFB, 8-15-12. (Photo by Ned Harris)

Note: Pictured from front are A-10C 78-0627 (white fin flash), A-10C 78-0625 (blue fin flash), A-10C 78-0618 (blue fin flash), A-10C 78-0703 (white fin flash). Full size

47th Fighter Squadron, 917th Fighter Group (AFRC), Barksdale AFB, Louisiana (BD)

A-10C 79-0120
A-10C 79-0142
A-10C 79-0145
A-10C 79-0152
A-10C 80-0171

303rd Fighter Squadron, 442nd Fighter Wing (AFRC), Whiteman AFB, Missouri (KC)

A-10C 79-0107 "Thunderbolt of Concordia"
A-10C 79-0109
A-10C 79-0111 "Thunderbolt of Higginsville"
A-10C 79-0118
A-10C 79-0122

74th and 75th Fighter Squadrons, 23rd Fighter Group, 23rd Wing, Moody AFB, Georgia (FT)

A-10C 78-0688, 75 FS
A-10C 80-0144, 74 FS
A-10C 80-0149, 75 FS
A-10C 80-0172, 74 FS
A-10C 81-0947, 74 FS

190th Fighter Squadron, 124th Wing (Idaho ANG), Boise (ID)

A-10C 78-0618
A-10C 78-0625
A-10C 78-0627
A-10C 78-0657
A-10C 78-0703

107th Fighter Squadron, 127th Wing (Michigan ANG), Selfridge (MI)

A-10C 80-0196
A-10C 80-0222
A-10C 80-0267
A-10C 81-0998

357th Fighter Squadron "Dragons", 355th Fighter Wing (ACC), Davis-Monthan AFB (DM)

A-10C 79-0188
A-10C 79-0210
A-10C 81-0978

104th Fighter Squadron, 175th Wing (Maryland ANG), Martin State (MD)

A-10C 79-0108 (August 14, 2012)

Question: Anybody who can provide any more related info? I would be very grateful for any support.

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