Monday, June 28, 2010

In Memoriam: Marina Naumann

Today, I dedicated my Warthog News blog in memoriam to Marina Naumann from Berlin, Germany. For about twelve years, Marina was my longtime companion, and then she was my best girlfriend. Unfortunately, on June 17, 2010, Marina (just 58 years old) died because of pancreas cancer. Every day during her last six months on this planet, she got my care and attention. God bless you, Marina. I LOVE YOU.

Marina was a very strong woman. And also, she was a very sexy woman. On our first date, I told her: "I'm positive surprised". And in German language: Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick.

Framed passport picture of Marina from 1998.

Instead a copy of the official death certificate, Marinas very symphatic female Home Care doctor wrote this kind notice about the cause of Marinas death - exclusively for my memories.

Best known shot of Marina, taken 1990. She was a pretty woman... Just look in their blue eyes...

Marina (right) at work, September 2001. She's wearing black leather jeans, black leather vest, black T-Shirt, and a little green Buddha on her necklace. WOW!!!That was my loved girlfriend.

Marina at work, September 2001.

Special thanks to my son Dirk for scanning all of these photos.

Please note: Sitting in her wheelchair, Marina got some nice experiences, all organized by me. Together, we visited the Zoologischen Garten, the Berliner Tierpark, the Havel and the Wannsee, the Greenwich-Promenade in Alt-Tegel, and two times the Regierungsviertel alongside the Spreeufer, and then through the Brandenburger Tor along Unter den Linden up to Alexanderplatz.

Highlights of all of that: Vieving the African rhino babe in the Zoologischen Garten and also the Armour rhino babe in the Tierpark. And, for first time ever: A swimming Tiger in the Berliner Tirpark.

Unfortunately, the last winter was very long with snow and ice. And then, the spring was also very bad.

Very last authentic screen shot of Marinas PC as she worked from home 2009. Visible are two African Erdhörnchen Xerinae. This picture was selected from the Web by Marina, who loved animals... Special thanks to computer specialist Mr. Tröbs from Germany for taking this unique personal screen shot before final removing of her practice-owned PC after Marinas death.

Please note: This screen shot is very important to me for remembering. Let me safe it to the memories.

By the way: A memorial Blogger site for Marina (in German language only) will be online soon.


Warthog News contributor James O'Rear, United States, via e-mail:

Please accept my most humble condolences on the loss of your dear Marina. I hope you will be able to be a peace when the time is right.

Your friend,

James O'Rear
Sahuarita, AZ

Joe "Dice-man" Hodges, United States, in a comment:
JJ, I'm so sorry for your lost...remember the good times with her.

Warthog News contributor John Bezosky Jr., United States, via Facebook:

I am very sorry to hear of your friend's passing. I am sure I speak for many others as well as myself when I say that my thoughts are with you during this time.

J. Bezosky
Tucson, AZ

Warthog News contributor Roel Reijne, Netherlands, via e-mail:
My sincere condolences for the loss of your dear friend Marina....

Roel Reijne

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  1. JJ, I'm so sorry for your lost...remember the good times with her.