Thursday, November 27, 2008

Intel: Enroute to Spang, Bagram A-10s diverted to Ramstein

According to latest spotter info on Scramble Messageboard and Flugzeugforum, yesterday some A-10Cs from the 75th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, enroute from Bagram AB, Afghanistan, to Spangdahlem AB, Germany, for wing inspections and repairs diverted to Ramstein AB, Germany, due to fog.

Noted were: 78-0674, 78-0679, 79-0138, 79-0186, 79-0192 and A-10 "74TH FS".

Because 78-0674 is currently marked "74 FS" the number of aircraft could be incorrect. One user on Scramble Messageboard wrote: 1255L: MAZDA81 flight arrived here due fog at Spang. Not sure if it's 4 or 6 FT A10's as it should of been MAZDA81-84 and TREND53,54.

UPDATE: Later today, Dalibor Ankovic from Germany sent a very helpful comment to this breaking news (click the comment link bellow). And thanks to him, all six diverted aircraft are identified now:

Mazda 81-84: 78-0674 (74th FS, marked 74 FS), 78-0697 (74th FS), 79-0138 (75th FS), 79-0186 (75th FS)
Trend 53-54: 78-0679 (75th FS), 79-0192 (74th FS)

Special thanks to Dalibor for his great input!


  1. To clear a couple things:

    Mazda 81-84:
    78-0674 FT 74thFS CO. markings
    78-0697 FT
    79-0138 FT
    79-0186 FT

    Trend 53-54:
    79-0192 FT
    78-0679 FT


  2. When will they proceed there journey to Spangdahlem?

  3. Feel free to comment anything current info.

  4. Hi,

    They tried today, but at that moment the wx at Spang was below minima. They will not try this weekend.

    Kind regards,