Thursday, January 10, 2013

122nd Fighter Wing got green light to keep and continue flying the A-10C Thunderbolt II well into the future

Released by 122nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs on the wing's official Facebook page already January 4, 2013

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Fort Wayne Air National Guard Base, IN - The 122nd Fighter Wing is pleased to announce that with Wednesday's historic signing of the National Defense Authorization Act by President Obama, we will continue to have Fighters at the Fort! The signing of the National Defense Authorization Act by the President allows the 122nd Fighter Wing to keep and continue flying the A-10C Thunderbolt II in Fort Wayne well into the future.

Since this past February, when the Air Force announced their plan to convert the 122nd Fighter Wing from an A-10C unit into an MC-12 unit under the 2013 budget, the community, local and state congressional, senate and local governmental representatives support of the unit has been unprecedented.

"The 122nd Fighter Wing is the right solution for America in some very challenging times," said Col. David L. Augustine, 122nd Fighter Wing Commander. "Team Indiana, under the Command of Major General R. Martin Umbarger with support from Senator Dan Coats, Senator Elect Joe Donnelly, Congressman Marlin Stutzman, Governor Mitch Daniels, Governor Elect Mike Pence, State Senator Tom Wyss, Mayor Tom Henry, other federal, state and local elected officials, the Fort Wayne Base Community Council and community members, have been steadfast in their support on why the 122nd Fighter Wing is the right solution for America."

Col. Augustine said, "This Wing is all about our community, state and nation! Our Airmen live in our community, volunteer in our community and protect this community both at home and abroad. Now that this impasse is behind us we'll focus on working with Air Combat Command on becoming an Active Association bringing almost 50 active duty Air Force Airmen to Fort Wayne while focusing on being selected as the next Air National Guard Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) base."

MG Umbarger quoted, "the 122nd Fighter Wing is a great part of our National Guard force in Indiana. Fort Wayne is the cost effective solution the nation needs in these challenging budgetary times. As the second safest Fighter Wing in the country along with being acknowledged this year as one of the Top five flying Wings in the country, 122nd Fighter Wing Airmen always stand forward to give our community, state and nation the best possible service day in and day out. When combat calls, our Airmen deploy into harm's way without hesitation -- Blacksnakes are integral to keeping our great nation free! I could not be prouder of the decision Congress has made in keeping Fighters at the Fort."

Please note: I'm so sorry for overlooking this very important news for a couple of days. But since at least some of the current A-10C units created their own Facebook pages, I've to check their websites and their Facebook pages every day.

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