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A-10, carried by helicopter, arrives at park

An A-10 Thunderbolt II was moved to Heritage Park on Thursday by a CH-47 Chinook helicopter. (Photo by Michelle Davies, The Journal Gazette)

Jeff Wiehe
The Journal Gazette
Last updated: November 16, 2012 12:58 p.m.

FORT WAYNE – Some of those out driving or just outside enjoying a little sun on the city's southwest side were treated to a little bit of spectacle Thursday, courtesy of the 122nd Fighter Wing.

Using a CH-47 Chinook – a huge helicopter – the fighter wing sling-loaded an A-10 Thunderbolt II jet and had it flown to Heritage Park at the front of the unit's base at 3005 Ferguson Road.

The A-10 – a plane weighing about 19,000 pounds – is a retired jet and will in the near future be displayed for the public at Heritage Park, officials said.

Officials closed off a 400-foot radius along Ferguson Road between Bluffton Road and Airport Drive to complete the maneuver.


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Soft landing
The Journal Gazette
Published: November 16, 2012 3:00 a.m.

An A-10 Thunderbolt II is moved to Heritage Park by a CH-47 Chinook from the Company B, 2nd Battalion, 238th Medium Lift Aviation Unit, from Peoria, Ill., on Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Michelle Davies, The Journal Gazette)

Please note: Unfortunately, The Journal Gazette ( doesn't provide any larger picture versions. Anybody who had the opportunity to take hi-res shots of this significant event? Serial number ID of this "Hog" is also wanted! Additional info:

Retired A-10 Placed in 122nd's Air Park (Photos & Video)

By Scott Sarvay and Stephanie Parkinson
November 15, 2012
Updated Nov 15, 2012 at 5:14 PM EST

Fort Wayne, Ind. ( - It was an historic day Thursday at the 122nd Fighter Wing as a retired A-10 was moved into Heritage Park. The jet was the first A-10 assigned to the unit.

The 19,000lb A-10 was strapped up and flown across the base and into place by a CH-47 Chinook from the Company B, 2nd Battalion, 238th Medium Lift Aviation Unit, Peoria Ill.

"It's very special to have this plane. It was the first one assigned back last summer, we received it, we knew that it was probably not going to go back into the Air Force inventory, it actually belongs to the Air Force Museum right now and they've allowed us to keep it here in Heritage Park and display it," said Col. Craig Ash, 122nd Fighter Wing.

"This is a great thing that Col. Soldner started years ago, the base commander then, in order to get all these planes located out here so that the generally public can enjoy them at the same time that the unit members do and you can see the heritage of the unit, what all we've flown over the years with them being placed out here," said Ash.

Sometime over the next month a crane will move the A-10 to a special mount inside the park where it will be displayed.

To help maintain Heritage Park pavers will be sold that will cover the gravel area around the fighter jets. To purchase a paver please visit The park is set to open sometime in the spring.

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(Photo by Stephanie Parkinson)

(Photo by Stephanie Parkinson)

(Photo by Stephanie Parkinson)

(Photo by Stephanie Parkinson)

(Photo by Stephanie Parkinson)

On their official Facebook page 122nd Fighter Wing released the following picture:

The 122nd Fighter Wing sets it's first A-10C Thunderbolt II at the front of the bases entrance in Heritage park to share it's rich history with the community that supports the base. Heritage Park opens Spring 2013 for Public Use. Full size

For more info about the heritage park project please visit The Chapter 89 NCOAGA Paver Program

Full size

First-hand info:

Video description: Chinook hauling a Hawg. 122FW moving an A-10C to our "Heritage Park"

Thanks to Jay Jenkins, 122nd Fighter Wing A-10C crew chief for linking this clip on my official Warthog News Facebook page!
In an exclusive reply to me on Facebook Jay wrote: "I'll have to check for sure, but I think it's 80-0168. It was a DM West Coast Demo bird before it became our GITA maintenance trainer a couple years ago."

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