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NATO exercise Ramstein Rover in Czech Republic ends

Ceske Noviny
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published: 21.09.2012, 12:17 | updated: 21.09.2012 17:08:59

A-10C 82-0656 from the 81st Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Wing (USAFE), Spangdahlem AB, Germany.

Namest nad Oslavou - The aircraft that took part in NATO's Ramstein Rover 2012 air exercise are flying home from the air base in Namest nad Oslavou as it has ended, Czech exercise spokesman Zdenek Zeman told CTK today. In the past two weeks, the pilots made 445 training flights, during which they were more than 1,000 times guided to ground targets, Zeman said.

There were no injuries or damage during the training, he added.

The training flights ended on Thursday when the German Lear Jet aircraft landed as the last at 22.40.

Exercise commander Harry Schnell, from the NATO Air Force Command in Ramstein, Germany, said the whole drill had taken place without any accident, injury and material damage.

The biggest and most important exercise with foreign partners on Czech soil started on September 4.

Its main task was to harmonise tactical air force pilots and air controllers from advanced bases for the support for ground operations and to increase the skill of these specialists who are deployed in Afghanistan.

There were 600 Czech and 460 foreign troops and the aircraft from the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Turkey and the USA.

Zeman said the aircraft had been in the air for the total of 900 hours.

The planes were guided to the targets in the Libava and Boletice training grounds.

The air controllers were from 13 countries and 24 teams joined the fulfilment of the tasks.

Along with the Vysocina region, the exercise took place also off the South Bohemia and a part of the Olomouc and Moravia-Silesia Regions.


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