Monday, September 17, 2012

81st Fighter Squadron A-10Cs caught at Namest during exercise Ramstein Rover 2012

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

On Flickr there's a nice album Ramstein Rover 2012 (including 15 A-10C photos, all taken by Pirony from the Czech Republic). At first just some sample pictures:

Probably the very best shot: A-10C 81-0965 passing the air control tower at Namest AB, Czech Republic. Full size

A-10C 82-0650. Full size

A-10C 82-0650. Full size

Please note: At least for me, these pictures of A-10C 82-0650 are the remaining photo proof to identify all eight participating "Hogs" (A-10C 81-0962 was already identified by an additional official USAF photo).

First fourship (by arrival):

A-10C 80-0275
A-10C 81-0981
A-10C 82-0646
A-10C 82-0656

Second forship (by arrival):

A-10C 81-0962
A-10C 81-0965
A-10C 81-0992
A-10C 82-0650

Four "Hogs" awaiting take off September 14, 2012. Full size

A-10C 80-0275 Full size

A-10C 80-0275 Full size

Special thanks to Warthog News contributor Michael Tischer from Germany for notification!

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