Thursday, September 27, 2012

47th Fighter Squadron A-10C inventory update by newest photo proofs

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

Aviation photographer Matt Ellis from the United States had the opportunity to take a lot of shots of A-10Cs from the 47th Fighter Squadron, 917th Fighter Group, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, on September 16, 2012. His phantastic gallery of 113 pictures provides top notch up to date photo proofs of 47th FS "Hogs" and their current artworks. Unfortunately, Matt does'nt provide any photo caption. And so, after my first related post on Facebook, I spent a lot of time to interprete his incredible shots.

Matt Ellis: 47th FS
Fuselage comic art compilation. (Photo by Matt Ellis)

Matt Ellis: 47th FS
Ladder door art compilation. (Photo by Matt Ellis)

Reported in Matt's gallery are the following "Hogs":

A-10C 78-0582 (CN A10-0202)
Fuselage comic art: BOYLESS BAILEY
Ladder door art: None

A-10C 79-0090 (CN A10-0354)
Fuselage comic art: TIGRESS
Ladder door art: High Maintanence [Note: instead of Maintenance]

A-10C 79-0094 (CN A10-0358)
Fuselage comic art: THE WRECKER
Ladder door art: FREEDOM’s GUARDIAN

A-10C 79-0095 (CN A10-0359)
Fuselage comic art: STUPEFYIN' JONES
Scramble notes: 163 FS (IN)

A-10C 79-0105 (CN A10-0369)
Fuselage comic art: DAISY MAE
Ladder door art: BAD TO THE BONE

A-10C ... (CN ...)
Fuselage comic art: GEAUX GETTER

A-10C 79-0142 (CN A10-0406)
Fuselage comic art: RAVING DOVE

A-10C 79-0144 (CN A10-0408)
Fuselage comic art: RED HER
Ladder door art: The NutRIALIZER

A-10C 79-0145 (CN A10-0409)
Fuselage comic art: HAIRLESS JOE
Ladder door art: We fight in search of Truth. We fight for Freedom. ...WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

A-10C 79-0146 (CN A10-0410)
Fuselage comic art: LI'L ABNER
Ladder door art: THOR’S HAMMER

A-10C 79-0147 (CN A10-0411)
Fuselage comic art: MAMMY YOKUM (Note: the "Y" of YOKUM, may be bleeched, is still visible a little bit)
Ladder door art: Gatling Justice – Impacting Hearts and Minds – 47th FIGHTER SQUADRON – HAVE GUN – WILL TRAVEL

A-10C 79-0148 (CN A10-0412)
Fuselage comic art: None
Ladder door art: MOONBEAM McSWINE
Note: Still without unit markings and nose art
Also note: Other pictures of the same album are showing this aircraft with nose art and fuselage comic art MOONBEAM McSWINE

A-10C 79-0149 (CN A10-0413)
Fuselage comic art: GENERAL BULLMOOSE

A-10C 79-0151 (CN A10-0415)
Fuselage comic art: CAVE GAL
Ladder door art: BRUTE FORCE

A-10C 79-0152 (CN A10-0416)
Fuselage comic art: PAPPY YOKUM
Ladder door art: FREEDOM FIGHTER

A-10C 79-0153 (CN A10-0417)
Fuselage comic art: MARRYIN' SAM
Ladder door art: BOSS HAWG

A-10C 79-0154 (CN A10-0418)
Fuselage comic art: EVIL EYE FLEEGLE
Ladder door art: TWO NICE

A-10C 79-0155 (CN A10-0419)
Fuselage comic art: GLORIA VAN WELBILT
Ladder door art: TOP HOG

A-10C 79-0160 (CN A10-0424)
Fuselage comic art: EARTHQUAKE McGOON
Ladder door art: One of a Kind According to Scramble: 309th AMARG, ex SW/21st FS 363rd FW

A-10C 79-0180 (CN A10-0444)
Fuselage comic art: JOE
Ladder door art: BAD VOODO

A-10C ... (CN ...)
Fuselage comic art: ONDINE ONUSUAL
Ladder door art: In the Arena

A-10C 80-0171 (CN A10-0521)
Fuselage comic art: SHMOOS
Ladder door art: SHMOO JUSTICE

A-10C 80-0232 (CN A10-0582)
Fuselage comic art: HOPEFULL MUDD
Ladder door art: CHOOT EM
Scramble notes: ANG/AFRC Test Center


Please note: This post will be updated soon. I would be very grateful for any correction or additional info.


Anybody who can identify A-10Cs with fuselage comic art GEAUX GETTER and ONDINE ONUSUAL by serial numbers?

Anybody who can associate this ladder door art?

Matt Ellis: 47th FS

When A-10C 79-0148 did change it's outfit?

Matt Ellis: 47th FS
Before (Photo by Matt Ellis)

Matt Ellis: 47th FS
After (Photo by Matt Ellis)

Matt Ellis: 47th FS
Fuselage comic art, not really sharp. (Photo by Matt Ellis)

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