Friday, September 28, 2012

355th Fighter Wing A-10Cs departed D-M for Afghanistan deployment

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

It seems like A-10Cs from the 355th Fighter Wing, Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, are now on their way to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, to replace the A-10C ANG "Rainbow Team".

Already on Monday this week, one of my personal contacts told me via e-mail: Twelve A-10s should be departing from Davis-Monthan this Wednesday enroute to the Gulf.

Yesterday, Warthog News contributor Jared Soergel wrote on my Warthog News Facebook page: New Hawg rotation is in play, tankers dragging from Davis-Monthan: GOLD 81 (84-0185) with TREND 21 (x4) GOLD 91 (86-0038) with TREND 41 (x6) GOLD 01 (84-0187) with TREND 51 (x6) ... Appears the GOLDs went to KPSM and the TRENDs to KCEF. Making the hop across the pond tomorrow. Only a few tails logged: 78-0605, 80-0211, 81-0974, 82-0648.

Comment: So I hope, I will get some stopover shots taken at Lajes Field, Azores.


  1. 17 A-10C seen at Westover

  2. I get that people here love the warthog, i do to (my husband flies one) and i get that most of the article and photos on here are from air force news or local newspapers and just re-posted. but i don't really understand the need to post the above information - specifically the flying call signs and tail numbers. what purpose does it serve to put that info out there? does the webmaster consider OPSEC?

  3. Please stop posting sensitive information about my husband and his squadron as it is happening. Everyone in the military who needs to know this information is already in the loop. There is absolutely NO reason to be posting this on the internet! It infuriates me that you are compromising my husband and his squadron's safety.
    If you want to post this information after it happens, so be it. But, to make known to the enemy where my husband is and when he is flying into enemy territory is unacceptable. If you care at all about these pilots, that you love to write about (or their families), then take this down immediately.
    An Airforce Wife