Friday, February 3, 2012

Official details about A-10 cuts proposed by USAF

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

The A-10C cuts, proposed by USAF, are official now!

That are A-10C-related details from the official USAF document USAF Force Structure Changes: Sustaining Readiness and Modernizing the Total Force:

Combat Air Forces

[...] As directed by the new strategic guidance, we accepted risk in our Combat Air Forces by retiring or reclassifying aircraft from seven squadrons: five A‐10 squadrons, one F‐16 squadron, and one training/support coded F‐15 Aggressor squadron. Because of the Department's evolving posture, one of the retiring squadrons is an overseas squadron. We chose to retire more A‐10s as a result of guidance to size our forces for one large scale combined arms campaign with sufficient combat power to also deny a second adversary, without conducting a large scale, prolonged stability operation. The A‐10 remains essential for combined arms and stability operations and we retain enough A‐10s to meet the requirements of the new strategic guidance, but multi‐role platforms provide more utility across the range of the potential missions for which we are directed to prepare. [...]

Total Force Aircraft Reductions by Fiscal Year

FY 13 Actions:

[...] Removes A‐10s from Barksdale AFB, LA (retires 21 and transfers three), Selfridge ANGB, MI (21), Ft Smith, AR (20), Ft Wayne, IN (20), and an Active Component overseas location (20). [...]

Total Force Re‐Missioning by Fiscal Year

FY 13 Actions:

[...] creates four additional MQ‐1/9 RSO elements at Ft Smith, AR (replacing A‐10s) [...] Adds A‐10s at Whiteman AFB, MO (3). [...]

Proposed FY 14 Actions

[...] Transfers 42 Active Component MC‐12s to the Air National Guard
by assigning between nine and eleven aircraft to each of four Air National Guard locations ‐‐ Ft Wayne, IN (replacing A‐10s), Bradley, CT (replacing C‐27s), Key Field AGS (Meridian), MS (replacing C‐27s), and NAS Ft Worth JRB (Carswell), TX (replacing C‐130s). [...]


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