Friday, November 4, 2011

Last two returning 23rd Fighter Group A-10Cs finally departed Lajes today

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

As reported by Warthog News contributor João Toste from Portugal, the last two 23rd Fighter Group A-10Cs, returning from their Afghanistan combat deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, departed Lajes Field, Azores, today. During their stopover they rested for some days due to strong winds. And they left Lajes without any tanker support. Crossing the Atlantic, maybe they were supported by tankers from the United States East Coast.

A-10C 81-0990 from the 74th Fighter Squadron departs Lajes Field, Azores, followed by A-10C 81-0947, also from the 74th Fighter Squadron. (Photo by João Toste) Full size

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