Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Historic 16mm A-10 film for sale on Ebay

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

I got this very hot info by my latest check of the recommended Warthog Territory Forums: Old A-10 film on Ebay

From the seller's description: Here are 2 big rolls of film (about 3,000 ft) on the A-10 "Warthog" from the FAIRCHILD REPUBLIC company dating back to the very early 1970's. These are the very last films on the A-10 in my collection so don't miss out on this auction. The footage includes scenes inside the Hagerstown, MD factory where there are some production scenes along with some great roll-out scenes, but I only looked at the first 50 ft or so of both films so there could also be some flight footage.

The A-10 assembly line at Fairchild.

YA-10A 71-1369, the first of the two prototypes.

Maybe the same aircraft - or not?

That should be a close-up view of the tail number of pre-production aircraft 73-1667 (A10-0004).


Please note: If anybody is buying this item, please drop me a line to share at least some digitalized sequences on Warthog News.

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