Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two 23rd Fighter Group A-10Cs still at Lajes for stopover enroute back home from Afghanistan

Today, from Anonymous I got a very helpful comment to my blog post All Moody A-10Cs now back home after Afghanistan combat deployment?. This source wrote: The last two A-10s should be arriving at Moody AFB from Lajes this Monday, October 31st. And very helpful are the reported callsigns.

After that, I checked again the Lajes Thread on the Dutch Scramble Messageboard.

And now, let me share the following additional and well-detailed Lajes stopover info:

September 26th
A-10C 80-0262/MI Trend71
A-10C 80-0258/MI Trend72
A-10C 80-0265/MI Trend73
A-10C 81-0998/MI Trend74
A-10C 79-0094/BC Trend75
A-10C 81-0994/MI Trend76

Supporting tanker: KC-10 83-0075 Gold51

A-10C 79-0145/BD Trend81
A-10C 79-0111/KC Trend82
A-10C 79-0119/KC Trend83
A-10C 80-0163/MI Trend84
A-10C 79-0154/BD Trend85
A-10C 79-0109/KC Trend86

Supporting tanker: KC-10 79-1713 Gold61

October 7th
A-10C 80-0228/FT Trend21
A-10C 80-0208/FT Trend22
A-10C 79-0135/FT Trend23
A-10C 78-0600/FT Trend24
A-10C 79-0179/FT Trend25

Supporting tanker: KC-10 85-0030 Blue78

October 9th
A-10C 78-0674/FT Trend31
A-10C 78-0688/FT Trend32
A-10C 79-0172/FT Trend33
A-10C 80-0144/FT Trend34
A-10C 79-0138/FT Trend35

Supporting tankers:
KC-135 64-8004 Blue89
KC-10 87-0124 Blue98

October 12th
A-10C 79-0139/FT Trend41
A-10C 80-0277/FT Trend42
A-10C 81-0953/FT Trend43
A-10C 80-0189/FT Trend44
A-10C 80-0272/FT Trend45
A-10C 80-0223/FT Trend46

Supporting tankers:
KC-10 83-0078 Blue88
KC-135 59-1517 Blue99

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