Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New A-10 combat deployment artwork by Rick Herter

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

Today, on Facebook I've got feedback again from Rick Herter, an aviation artist from the United States.

His latest shots are one more proof for Rick's outstanding A-10 combat deployment artwork (photo captions by Rick).

A good day painting the Helmand River Valley as part of the backdrop of "Burn it Down." Full size

Please note: Pictured is A-10C 81-0995 from the 75th Fighter Squadron.

Work continues on "Burn it Down." The painting is on track to be completed by the end of the month. — at Florida Studio. Full size

The primary aircraft in the painting is on his base leg toward the target. The pilot looking down and toward the left is watching (yet to be painted in) the flight leader as he strafes a target, parallel to the river below. When completed you'll see an A-10 that has pulled off the target and flying upwind and a forth Warthog flying on the downwind leg. Full size

The beginning of a new painting, commissioned by the Tiger sharks of the 23rd Fighter Group. The painting will depict 4 A-10's of the 75th Fighter Squadron attacking a target over the Helmand Valley in Afghanistan. Full size

The painting measure 24" x 40." In this photo you can see a few of the many reference photos and notes that I'm using as the piece takes shape. Some of the most important info is the pilot interviews and background data like the landscape pics. Those photos were emailed to me while the unit was still flying combat over Afghanistan. Full size

It's been a busy week in the studio. Packed and shipped off to Washington DC the AUSA painting. Worked on two drawings for new projects, and continued to work on "Burn it Down." Full size

"Burn it Down" is in the home stretch. The airplane is essentially finished. Now all I have left is a bit of detail in the landscape and painting in the Helmand river to the left of the composition. Full size

A 75th Fighter Squadron A-10 maneuvers into position to attack a Taliban force in the Helmand River Valley of Afghanistan. "Burn it Down" was commissioned by the squadron, based at Moody AFB in Georgia. Full size

Please visit Rick's fan page on Facebook.

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