Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Hidden" A-10C photos caught as screenshots from 124th Wing's The Beacon Live website

By Joachim Jacob

More and more A-10C units are present on the public web with their official websites and additional Facebook fan pages. Instead of that, the 124th Wing (Idaho Air National Guard), Boise, with their 190th Fighter Squadron, choosed to publish an online newsletter called The Beacon Live. Anybody can view and download their archived PDF files. But access to latest news and photos is still restricted to 124th Wing members.

I tryed to get access to the "hot content", but from 124th Wing Public Affairs I got the following reply:

Thomas Gloeckle has sent you a message on Idaho ANG Beacon.

Subject: Access to the Beacon Live


Thank you for your interest in the Beacon Live. However, due to current Air Force regulations access to our online newspaper is limited to members and former members of the Air National Guard. Should the regulations change we will be more than happy to have you join the Beacon Live audience.

Beacon Live staff

Let me try to take some more related screenshots.

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