Monday, October 31, 2011

Aviation artist Barry Munden from the United States needs your support to document older A-10s

By Joachim Jacob, Warthog News Editor

Today, I got this e-mail from aviation artist Berry Munden, United States:

Hey, Fritz the Fox here. I've been trying to update my line of A-10 prints to include some older hogs, and I'm struggling to find photos. I'm very much in need of good detail shots of hog noses and tails from the 81st TFW (especially the 78th, 91st,92nd and 509th TFS) and the 138th NY ANG (the Boys from Syracuse...I could really use a good nacelle photo), the 333rd TFS, the 45th TFS, the 176 TFS, and just about anything else from the Euro-painted years. I've found that photos of ladder door art often include the name placard detail that is otherwise hard for me to find. Do you have photos in your archives that might be useful, or know of any good sources I may have overlooked? (I've already combed Flickr,, the Warthog Territory forums and other usual suspects.) Contact me via if you have any good pix and suggestions. Thanks!

And keep up the good work! Your site has always been a wonderful resource for me.

Happy landings!
---Barry (Fritz the Fox)

Anybody who can/will help Berry with related A-10 photos?

Please check:
Generic A-10 Prints

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