Monday, September 19, 2011

Rare personal Suwon shots of A-10A 80-0248 shared now on WTF

Rare personal shots of A-10A 80-0248, taken at Suwon Air Base, Republic of Korea, are shared now on the well-recommended Warthog Territory Forums. For the 22 pictures please check the Hog Chat topic Photos of my old airplane before it became my airplane.

These very interesting and meanwhile also historic photos has been posted on WTF by Carroll McAllister. He got this rare material from "Skip" McCloskey, a former staff sergeant (SSGT) and dedicated crew chief (DCC) of this "Hog" at Suwon (with tailcode SU). It looks to me like these pictures were taken in 1985.

"Skip" McCloskey, crew chief of A-10A 80-0248 at Suwon, posing for re-enlisting.

"Skip" McCloskey on the tail. Note the tail code SU.

First step on the ladder. Please note the old gun gas diverter.

Aircraft info from my Warthog Aircraft Database:
80-0248 (A10-0598) 76th TFS, 23rd TFW (EL); Desert Storm; shot down 2 Feb 1991 by AAA during Desert Storm 20 mi S of Kuwait City (pilot killed)

A-10A 80-0248 Shot down in combat by 'optical AAA' fire 2 Feb 1991 shot down by ground fire or SAM 20 NM SW of Kuwait City, Kuwait. Pilot Capt Richard Dale Storr ejected and captured as POW Released 03/05/91. From 23rd TFW. Source

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