Sunday, September 25, 2011

107th Fighter Squadron A-10Cs are expected to leave Selfridge for Afghanistan tomorrow

By Joachim Jacob

Today, in a comment to my post Guard unit from Selfridge heads back to Afghanistan an old friend from Scramble wrote: The 107FS is departing to Lajes Monday September 26.

Yesterday, Warthog News contributor André Inácio from Portugal told me via e-mail: We expect fighters on monday, and i suppose it will be A10, and I Would like to ask if you know how many A10 are going to Afghanistan?

Also yesterday, Warthog News contributor Oliver Jonischkeit from Germany told me via e-mail: Currently, the A-10s [from the 81st Fighter Squadron - JJ] are concentrated on doing preparation flights with travel pods, with the exception of today. It seems to me, they will left Spangdahlem early next week.

It seems to me, at least at the beginning of this upcoming A-10C "Total Force" Afghanistan combat deployment the aircraft package will consist of "Hogs" both from the 107th Fighter Squadron and from the 81st Fighter Squadron.

So I hope, at Lajes Field, Azores, André will have the opportunity to take shots of the A-10Cs, inbound from Continental United States (CONUS) on their first stopover enroute Afghanistan.

The final stopover point for both units before arrival at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, will be Al Udeid AB, Qatar - home of the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing.

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  1. Six aircraft departed from Lajes today eastbound, the final ones should be departing tomorrow, Friday.