Sunday, August 7, 2011

81st Fighter Squadron A-10Cs of Dacian Thunder 2011

Ten 81st Fighter Squadron A-10Cs were on TDY at Campia Turzii, Romania, to participate in exercise Dacian Thunder 2011.

46 related pictures are published in a photo gallery Dacian Thunder 2011 on, a Hungarian website. These shots were taken by aerophyl. Anyone who can put me in contact with this photographer to get his permission for posting at least some of his pictures on my blog?

Identified by his photos are A-10Cs:

81-0966 (marked 52 OG)

Anyone who has identified the remaining three "Hogs"?

With a trick, you will get larger versions of all of these shots. Just three samples, downloaded by me:

Heavy weathered A-10C 81-0976. (Photo by aerophyl)

Unknown aircraft. (Photo by aerophyl)

A-10C 82-0656 parked behind a fire truck. (Photo by aerophyl)

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