Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not A-10-related, but great archived music

Updated July 13, 2011

When I was a teenager, working in a paper manufactury, I loved the unique music of Golden Earring from the Netherlands. And now, with the vidcaps on YouTube: It's still fascinating.

It's very nice to remember all of that.

My most favorite song:

Anyone who can send me a current online ID of the following historic album (probably a mixed album, only released in the Netherlands)?

"Golden Earring - Volume I"

She flies on strange wings - Part 1
I can't get a hold on hor
Murdock 9 - 6182
This is the time of the year
Another 45 miles

Buddy Joe
Holy holy Life
Where will I be
In my house
Please go

Since years I'm checking my best music store at Berlin, Germany, for this special album, but without any results.


Update July 13, 2011:

Today, I got kind feedback from Sander Wittenaar, one of my blog's visitors. He told me: The record you are listing is Golden Earring - Superstarshine Vol. 1. If you google for it it has been available on eBay or Marktplaats.nl.

Many thanks, Sander!

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