Sunday, June 12, 2011

U.S. Special Forces of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

Members of a Special Forces ODA, Afghanistan, late 2001 working with members of the Northern Alliance. Note the SOFLAM laser designator mounted on a tripod. SF ODAs used the SOFLAM to devestating effect during the campaign against the Taliban. From outside of the range of the enemy's weapons, a skilled Special Forces soldier or AFSOC Combat Controller can call down accurate strikes from aircraft high overhead. (Photo by U.S. Army) Hi-res

Please note: These guys on the ground were heroes. They did a great job during the initial stage of OEF, only supported by warriors of the Northern Alliance and also by U.S. CAS (close air support), later also supported by A-10's from Ahmed Al Jaber AB, Kuwait (followed by a short deployment to Pakistan and finally into A'stan for Bagram AB).

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