Monday, June 20, 2011

Feedback to my latest 163rd Fighter Squadron 'Blacksnakes' info

A-10C 82-0661 (20661 below the wind shield). (Courtesy photo) Full size

Yesterday, from a new personal contact who asked me to remain anonymous I got the following very interesting info:

Two fonts are used. Military block and Bermuda Script.

The emblem on the rudder is adapted from the Indiana State Flag.

The eye is a light lime green color.

The black paint on the mouth extends to the Ram Air Scoop for the gun.

The nostrils are painted black over the forward gun sights.

The "Blacksnakes" on the nacelle is centered on the outer nacelle door, and parallel to the ground when stationary.

The 163 FS on the vertical stab is just longer than the navigation lights directly aft, and only appears on this aircraft. The others in the Wing do not carry this addition.

The 163rd is a Fighter Squadron attached to the 122nd Fighter Wing.

The rather colorful eagle and flag emblem and the one on the ladder door are not on the 122FW aircraft. Those emblems are from another Air Force base in Arizona.

If the program is like real life, the tongue will be the most difficult part. Since the gun is off center, using a projector makes the right side bigger, so we had to improvise it. You shouldn't have that problem.

Aircraft coloring: upper half is color code 36320, lower half is 36375, the dark gray marking on bottom, 163 FS on the vertical stab, and used for scale lines is 36118.

Since I'm not familiar with the program your skin is being used on, I cannot tell what details you may have on the sides of the aircraft. The included photos should help you with all the finer details.

The 163rd and 122nd emblems are available on the internet. I verified this by searching Google.

The aircraft you created was 82661. Note that the nose has 20661 painted on it.

I was impressed with the detail you did have. It took me a little bit to research your latest update. The photos included were edited to remove faces. Some of the information I included you have already had. I wasn't sure if you were cropping it from pictures (since the dirt marks seem to fall in the same places), and thought if you edited it onto a 'cleaner' aircraft you could make it work.

Left side view. (Courtesy photo)

Right side view. (Courtesy photo)

Front view. (Courtesy photo)

163rd Fighter Squadron insignia. (Courtesy photo)

122nd Fighter Wing insignia. (Courtesy photo)

Blacksnakes insignia. (Courtesy photo)

Last three digits insignia of 692 (A-10C 78-0692). (Courtesy photo)

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