Friday, April 29, 2011

In Memoriam: Marina Naumann - Celebrating her 59th birthday

By Joachim Jacob

This evening, I've visited again Marina's grave at Ruhleben Cemetery, Berlin, Germany, to celebrate her 59th birthday. I was'nt there since December 24, 2010. On Christmas Eve, it was very could and I had to move a little bit of snow to show her placed picture and the two sculptures again. Unfortunately, I took no picture of this impressive scenario (maybe next winter). Today, I cleaned up the grave, planted pieces of meadow and moss, and decorated the grave with a single "wild" rose (liked by Marina trought the years of our relationship) together with a branch of white lilac, two branches of other white blossoms, and some pinewood torches. So I hope, that should be a good solution because I'm currently not able to take care of the grave every week.

After that, I decided to walk home on foot for first time. It took me two hours to reach my home near Berlin's Ku'damm. But it was a nice evening trip, thinking about Marina all the time. In the future, I will make this trip again every year and I will call it "Marina's memorial trip"...

At home again, while making this entry, on my desktop I placed some archived pictures of Marina and I lighted a candle.

Again, it was a visit to the past with a lot of tear drops. And let me tell you: Loosing a loved one so early because of deadly cancer is very, very hard...

Current view of the grave. Please note the white and pink rose on top of my latest flower arrangement. Meanwhile, there are three new graves further right since Marina's burial at the Buddhistic urnfield on July 30, 2010. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

Close-up shot. The merry guardian angel was added by me later last year just after the ground squirrel. Both sculptures sustained the hard winter very good. The watchful squirrel is securing her grave, and the angel is protecting her soul. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

A shot more closer: The inscription on the card (in German language) is: Eine Rose zum Geburtstag. Marina wäre heute 59 Jahre alt geworden. In Liebe und Trauer, Dein Joachim. 29.04.2011. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

Please note: This unique Warthog News blog is dedicated in honor of Marina Naumann, my latest female partner who died after incurable pancreas cancer on June 17, 2010, just only a half year after diagnosis. Marina was the second true wife in my life, and she always supported my long-year enthusiastic research work on the "Hog", especially since the beginning of operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Rest in peace, Marina.

In Memoriam: Marina Naumann

Like me, Marina was a big fan of The Who. Please enjoy:

Yeah! That's our generation...

A helpfull site:
Coping with Grief and Loss

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