Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exclusive 75th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron A-10C Kandahar flightline shots

By Joachim Jacob

Big surprise! By trying Google for new A-10C Kandahar deployment pictures I just found these two very interesting new shots, already shared on Flickr, and probably taken by an independent photo journalist, called Tavera, from the Philippines.

"far across the strip are A-10 warthogs parked..." Full size

A-10 Warthhogs afar (KAF) by pjTAVERA
A-10 Warthhogs afar (KAF), a photo by pjTAVERA on Flickr.

"an in-commercial flight shot at Kandahar Air Field" Full size

Because the owner has disabled downloading of his photos, I just used allowed sharing via Blogger. I'm still trying to get in personal contact with the photographer to get his final O.K. for posting his very important pictures on my blog.

Note: Please note the very long revetments, probably two different.

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