Sunday, April 3, 2011

104th Fighter Squadron A-10C caught at Willow Grove March 30, 2011

Today, Warthog News contributor Brian Walter from the United States told me via e-mail:

Hey J.J., just wanted to share a few photos of the MD ANG A-10C that was at the NAS JRB Willow Grove Disestablishment and Final Flight Ceremony on March 30, 2011 for your warthog blog. The pilot was a former pilot of the PA ANG 103rd FS, 111th FW that was stationed at WG. The aircraft came into WG late in the morning, and then was parked as a static display and was the first to take off for the Final Flight ceremony, making a final pass and then heading back home.

A-10C 78-0704 from the 104th Fighter Squadron, 175th Wing, Maryland ANG. (Photo by Brian Walter)

Please note: Some more related pictures will be uploaded soon.

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