Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Archived A-10 pictures by Ken Middleton now on Flickr

Warthog News contributor Ken Middleton from the United States has created some new Flickr albums, including pictures in a better quality and resolution, and also some shots never published before.

As an aviation photographer and a real Hog enthusiast, Ken did a great job to document A-10s, especially from the 118th Fighter Squadron, 103rd Fighter Wing (Connecticut ANG), Bradley ANGB, Connecticut (tailcode CT), and from the 131st Fighter Squadron 'Death Vipers', 104th Fighter Wing (Massachusetts ANG), Barnes ANGB, Massachusetts (tailcode MA).

Please visit his albums:

103rd Fighter Wing A-10s

104th Fighter Wing A-10s

111th Fighter Wing A-10s

104th FW / A-10 Record Hours Flights

175th Wing A-10s

Please note: Unfortunately, at least at the moment I can't upload any picture on Blogger. Please wait for an update.

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