Thursday, December 23, 2010

A-10 aviation art by Greg Goodwin

Some days ago, from aviation artist Greg Goodwin from the United States I got the following e-mail:


I'm following up on an earlier email I sent you regarding placing a link on the Warthog news blog to my website.

I've noticed you have a link to a couple of websites selling A-10 related art/images.

The print I have available is of a painting I did for the 23d Fighter Group. I've got copies available that have been signed by A-10 combat veterans.

Feel free to check out my site at

Thanks for looking,



My answer: Nice to meet you, Greg. And many thanks for visiting Warthog News.

Flying Tigers Rejoin

This is my most recent painting entitled "Flying Tigers Rejoin." It shows A-10s of the Flying Tigers, the 23rd Fighter group, over Moody Air Force Base. The fighter group includes two active duty squadrons, the 74th and the 75th. In 2009, the 76th squadron, under the 476th reserve group, was reunited with the 23rd fighter group for the first time in many years. In this painting, the 23rd group commander is flying the lead of a four-ship flight. He has given a "rejoin" command over the radio, signalling all aircraft in the flight return to this formation. When they do so, the 2nd element wingman, in this case the 76th flagship, is the last to rejoin. The painting captures the moment just as the 76th flagship is moving into postion.

Go there to see how this painting evolved from a concept to a finished work.

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