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Hawgsmoke 2010 Aircraft List

Updated November 1, 2010

So far, from official and private shots I verified a lot of Hogs which participated.

On October 28, 2010, Warthog News contributor Roel Reijne from The Netherlands sent me a very helpful e-mail with some more serial numbers. "Here the tail numbers we saw during arrival-day and competition-day during hawgsmoke", he wrote. And all of these numbers were noted (or spotted) by Arno Kok, also from The Netherlands.

In this first update, please just let me add Arno's very important eyewitness info to my own photo interpretations. In a second update I will made some additions and corrections.

Active units:

355th Fighter Wing (ACC), Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona (DM)

A-10C 78-0652, marked 355 FW CC (white tail band, formerly blue?)
A-10C 78-0706, marked 354 FS / CC (blue tail band)
A-10C 80-0162 (no tail band)
A-10C 80-0210 (no tail band)

Arno Kok:
A-10C 78-0652, marked 355 FS/CC (white)
A-10C 78-0706, marked 354 FS/CC (blue)
A-10C 79-0168 (black)
A-10C 80-0162 (-)
A-10C 80-0210 (-)
A-10C 82-0648 (blue), 354th FS

(= probably six jets)

23rd Fighter Group, 23rd Wing (ACC), Moody AFB, Georgia (FT)

A-10C 79-0138
A-10C 80 or 79 -0272 (blue), 74th FS
A-10C 82-0660 (20660 in front of the canopy) 75th FS

Arno Kok:
A-10C 78-0701 (black/white), 75th FS
A-10C 79-0138 (blue), 74th FS
A-10C 80-0727 (blue), 74th FS
A-10C 82-0660 (black/white), 75th FS

(probably four jets)

Team Nellis (ACC)

A-10C 79-0204, 66th Weapons Squadron
A-10C 80-0229, marked 66 WPS as the 66th Weapons Squadron commander's jet

Arno Kok:
A-10C 79-0204 WA (yellow/black), 66th WS
A-10C 80-0229 66 WPS A-10C WA yellow/black 66th WS Nellis, NV

(probably only two jets)

Reserve units:

47th Fighter Squadron, 917th Wing (AFRC), Barksdale AFB, Arizona (BD)

A-10C 79-0090 (90090 on the left canopy rail)
A-10C 79-0120 (...9-0120 on the ejection seat)
A-10C 79-0144 (79-144 on the ejection seat)
A-10C 79-0152

Arno Kok:
A-10C 79-0090
A-10C 79-0120, marked ANG/AFRC Test Center
A-10C 79-0144
A-10C 79-0152
A-10C 80-0160

(probably four jets)

Due to a system malfunction with one of the 47th FS jets, and no time in the schedule to get a substitute in the air, the 47th FS team went into the competition with only three jets.

Maybe A-10C 79-0120, marked ANG/AFRC Test Center, was sent by another unit.

303rd Fighter Squadron, 442nd Fighter Wing (AFRC), Whiteman AFB, Missouri (KC)

A-10C 79-0109
A-10C 79-0113
A-10C 79-0118
A-10C 79-0093
A-10C 80-0201
A-10C 81-0951

Arno Kok:
A-10C 78-0605 (marked 303 FS)
A-10C 79-0093
A-10C 79-0109
A-10C 79-0113
A-10C 79-0118
A-10C 80-0201
A-10C 81-0951

(probably six or seven jets)

Air National Guard units:

104th Fighter Squadron, 175th Wing (Baltimore ANG), Martin State (MD)

A-10C 78-0637
A-10C 79-0082

Arno Kok:
A-10C 78-0637
A-10C 78-0717
A-10C 79-0082
A-10C 79-0087

(probably four jets)

163rd Fighter Squadron, 122nd Fighter Wing (Indiana ANG), Fort Wayne

no jets

190th Fighter Squadron, 124th Wing (Idaho ANG), Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho (ID)

A-10C 78-0584 (red tail band)
A-10C 78-0625 (white tail band)
A-10C 78-0629 (red tail band)
A-10C 78-0643 (white tail band)
A-10C 81-0955 (blue tail band)

Arno Kok:
A-10C 78-0584 (red)
A-10C 78-0625 (white)
A-10C 78-0627 (white)
A-10C 78-0629 (red)
A-10C 78-0633 (blue)
A-10C 78-0643 (white)
A-10C 79-0084 (blue)
A-10C 80-0191 (blue)
A-10C 81-0995 (blue)

(probably nine jets)

107th Fighter Squadron, 127th Wing (Michigan ANG), Selfridge, Michigan (MI)

A-10C 79-0193 (still no fin flash or tail band)
A-10C 80-0221 (still no flash or tail band)
A-10C 80-0222? (still no fin flash or tail band)
A-10C 80-0262 (still no flash or tail band)
A-10C 80-0263? (still no fin flash or tail band)
A-10C 81-0958 or 81-0956 (still no flash or tail band)
A-10C ...13? (still no fin flash or tail band)

Arno Kok:
A-10C 77-0193
A-10C 80-0221
A-10C 80-0222
A-10C 80-0262
A-10C 80-0263
A-10C 81-0998

(probably 6 jets)

184th Fighter Squadron, 188th Fighter Wing (Arkansas ANG), Fort Smith, Arkansas (FS)

A-10C 78-0638
A-10C 79-0129
A-10C 79-0216
A-10C 79-0649
A-10C 80-0188 (the 188th Fighter Wing commander's jet)

Arno Kok:
A-10C 78-0626 (red ARKANSAS)
A-10C 78-0638 (red ARKANSAS)
A-10C 78-0649 (red ARKANSAS)
A-10C 79-0129 (red ARKANSAS)
A-10C 79-0216 (red ARKANSAS)
A-10C 80-0188 (red ARKANSAS), marked 188 FW

(probably 6 jets)

Some others:
00222 (in front of the canopy)

Arno Kok:
79-0196 A-10 no/mk -
79-0219 A-10 IN 163rd FS Fort Wayne, IN
80-0169 A-10 no/mk -
80-0187 A-10 no/mk -

Please note:

25th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Wing (PACAF), Osan AB, Republic of Korea
no A-10s involved

81th Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Wing (USAFE), Spangdahlem AB, Germany
no A-10s involved

Special thanks to Warthog News contributor Roel Reijne and also to his Dutch friend Arno Kok for his unique additional info. Great support, guys! Question: Anybody who caught the entire official Hawgsmoke 2010 A-10C fleet?

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