Saturday, September 4, 2010

Warthog Paint Schemes - Drawings by Jens Popp

Special thanks to my long-term visitor Arno Rode from Germany. In an e-mail to me, he pointed out a very interesting website with a lot of A-10 paint schemes, including related Federal Standard colors.

All of these paint schemes are created by Jens Popp from Germany, owner of JPS Modell, the provider for special model colors. On the About Us section on his commercial website, Jens wrote:

After many years of paintbrushing, I bought my first Airbrush and convertet from enamel to acrylic paints.

The acrylic ranges then where verry limited, espacially in the RLM range.

Most colors had to be mixed or I had to use enamel painst wich were uncomfortable to use with airbrushes.

As I had a nearly ruined a model during weathering using enamels, it was enoug and I decided to make my own paint range.

I contacted the industry for appropirate pigments.

This was the birth of the JPS COLORS.

Initially with about 10 colors, the sortiment grows fast to over 200 colors and it is still growing.

I like these instructive drawings by Jens. And I'm still in the process to contact him to get his permission for posting some more of his copyrighted stuff on my blog.

First preview sample:

A-10A "False Canopy" Scheme. (Copyright 1999 by Jens Popp)

For more A-10 paint schemes by Jens Popp please visit

Please try Flugzeuge, then Nach Typen, then A-10. Hope that helps.

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