Friday, August 27, 2010

Most of image links on Warthog News temporarily disabled

Dear readers and visitors. Today, from Photobucket Support I got the following e-mail:

usmilobserver Alert! You have exceeded the limit on your Photobucket account

Attention usmilobserver

You have exceeded the 10 GB monthly bandwidth limit on your free
Photobucket account. As such, your image and video links have been
temporarily disabled. Your images and videos have not been deleted but
will be reactivated on the 04th of the month, when your bandwidth
usage resets to zero.

If you'd like to re-activate your links right away, you can upgrade to a
Photobucket Pro account.

With a Photobucket Pro account you get unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, removal of advertisements, high resolution photos and premium support.

Click here to upgrade now and keep your
images and video clips active!


Please check my blog again if all shots, mostly stored on Photobucket, are online again.

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