Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Memoriam: Marina Naumann - My second visit on her grave

Today, I made my second visit to Marinas grave on the Budhistic Grave Yard at Ruhleben Cemetery, Berlin, Germany.

Together, we smoke one more cigarette. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

Nearly all of the flowers are roted. (Photos by Joachim Jacob)

Thanks to the latest rare rainy days, this mushroom springed up between the flowers. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

Also today, I made on more new experience for a lifetime: As I sat down in front of Marinas grave, two groups of Asians joined the urne field to place fresh flowers on the graves of their loved-ones. They stayed in front of the graves and folded their hands. After that, they folded their hands again in front of the white Buddha. And then, they walked around to place at least one Weihrauchstäbchen on each grave, including Marinas grave.

After smoking another cigarette with Marina, I walked around. One the first tree stump, I found a little frog. Later, on a second tree stump, I found a second, third, fourth, fifht and sixth little frog. Welcome to all animals around Marinas grave, including the ants.

BTW: In the next couple of days, I will talk with the Friedhofsverwaltung what I can do with Marinas grave.

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