Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In Memoriam: Marina Naumann - More condolences from Warthog Territory Forums

As I realized this evening, there are some more condolences in the Hog Chat on Warthog Territory Forums:

Coach wrote:
I'm not a big fan of JJ, but he is a huge fan of the Hog and those who fly and maintain her. I noticed on his site tonight that it appears he has lost someone very dear, possibly his wife. Just thought it would nice to say we are sorry for his loss...


jackb wrote:
Bummer. JJ, if you're reading this, you have my sympathies...

Weasel_80-204 wrote:
Google Translate says she was his ex-girlfriend.

My condolences JJ.

Also mine condoleance to you JJ, if you read this.

Although I was banned from the WTF, please let me thank you for your kind condolences, guys.

I'm still in the year of mourning. But since Marinas funeral last Friday, I'm now in a little bit "better" condition. It was the final piece of a long "movie" which will remain in my head forever.


The day after: On Saturday, I returned to Marinas grave and placed four grave lights. During my first visit on the cemetery, and sitting in front of her grave, I dropped a huge lot of tears and talked to her. And "together" we smoked one more cigarette. Visible between my legs are two of our four mascots: 'Junior' (a mouse with a pilot licence, created by me during my best days with Marina some years ago) and 'Bieberchen' (just a beaver). (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

The second cigarette is burned out. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

All of the flowers. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

The Buddhistic urnfield at Ruhleben Cemetery with Marinas grave far at right. (Photo by Joachim Jacob)

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