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Feedback: Question about stored A-10 with AMARC code AC0001

Updated August 15, 2010

Today, from John Wiseman I got the following e-mail as feedback to my blog:
Two aircraft are listed as being at AMARC with AMARC code AC001.
75-0261 and 77-0261 which is correct?
I have seen both given in various lists. even both on the same website. It
could be something as easy as a typing error

Thanks for pointing out that, James. And sorry, both aircraft are also "double"-listed with the same AMARC code on my Warthog Aircraft Database:

75-0261 (A10-0010) to AMARC as AC0001 (arrival date unknown)
77-0261 (A10-0186) to AMARC as AC0001 11 Jul 1988; still at AMARC 15 Jan 2008

Anybody who can/will clear up that? I would be very grateful for any support.

Update August 15, 2010

Today, from Warthog News contributor James O'Rear, United states, i got the following e-mail:

Regarding 75/77-0261 according to the publication AMARC/MASDC III by Bonny/Swann/Fryer:

"A-10A AC001 75-0261 actually left storage on 11JUN96 and was used for crash rescue training on the airfield at Davis-Monthan AFB before being returned to AMARC in 2000. It should have been given a new inventory number in 2000, but together with some T-33s and T-37s (qv) which were also returned around the same time it was not re-entered on the inventory. During a census conducted in October 2005 the aircraft was found in Area 21 and put back on the inventory as AC001. It is on the inventory with an official arrival date of 11JUL88 which is incorrect (actual arrival date is 17DEC1990)."

Neither volume of the publication (Vol. II or III) list 77-0261 as being at AMARC, together they roughly cover the years 1982 - 2005.

Not sure if that helps or not but it's something I can contribute.


Many thanks for your very helpful feedback, James. During the last couple of days, I checked again two related online sources, known to me.

Info from the The AMARC Experience:

Serial: 75-0261 (still at AMARC)
Code: None
Type: Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt
C/N: 10
Arrival Date: Unknown
Previous Unit: None
Notes: None

Please note: On this online database, A-10 77-0261 is not listed.

Info from the Scramble Databases:

Serial: 75-0261
Code: DM
Type: A-10A
CN: A10-0010
Unit: Davis Monthan
Status: i/a
First: jun96
Last: oct96
Comment: [none]
Previous ID: [none]

Serial: 77-0261
Code: none
Type: A-10A
CN: A10-0186
Unit: Davis Monthan
Status: i/a
First: [none]
Last: sep97
Comment: still on inventory 12jun10
Previous ID: [none]

According to all of that, the AMARC code AC001 (or AC0001, or AAAC0001) was definitely given to A-10A 75-0261. To John Wiseman: Hope that helps.

Questions: Anybody who can/will provide a picture of A-10A 75-0261, stored at AMARC? And what's the AMARC code for A-10A 77-0261? I would be very grateful for any further support.

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