Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last two A-10s depart Willow Grove - More pictures released by Warthog News contributor Brian Walter

Just let us remember their legendary PA tailcode. Pictured are A-10s 78-0658 and 80-0214. (Photo by Brian Walter) Full size

Rare shot: An A-10 pilot's helmet on the top of the front instrument panel. (Photo by Brian Walter)Full size

For some more additional pictures, also taken by Brian, please check out his latest update 7.23.10 - Final Two A-10s Depart He wrote: The last two A-10s left Willow Grove, leaving the 111th Fighter Wing without a flying aircraft on their ramp for the first time in 86 years. Many people came out to watch the jets depart on their way to Ft. Wayne to drop off the tanks and some other materials. Words simply couldn't express the feeling that morning. It was sadly the end of an era.

Special thanks to Brian for his outstanding work, documenting the 103th Fighter Squadron's A-10 chapter. For a huge lot of exclusive pictures, please visit Brian's 111th Fighter Wing tribute website, called PHILLY HOGS - A-10's of the 111th Fighter Wing:

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