Monday, July 26, 2010

442nd Fighter Wing Tip of the Spear

Senior Airman Tracy Brown
442nd Fighter Wing

Senior Airman Tracy Brown, former A-10 Thunderbolt II weapons loader, is a recent cross-trainee into the 442nd Public Affairs office. Airman Brown worked mandays in public affairs, manning the shop single-handedly for two months while the chief of PA was deployed and the deputy chief of PA was on maternity leave.

Although she had not had the official technical training for the position yet, she eagerly learned how to run the office on a daily basis. She worked closely with the 509th Bomb Wing, acting as a liaison for the 442nd FW and worked to incorporate the wings through total force integration. Throughout the two months Airman Brown coordinated A-10 flyover requests, static displays, aircraft complaints and media inquiries on a daily basis and handled them with the utmost professionalism. She represented the PA office and the 442nd FW at wing staff meetings, basewide PA meetings and the Base Community Council. She not only manned the shop alone during that time, but continued to work with the 509th Public Affairs office to learn her job as a public affairs broadcaster and prepare for her upcoming technical training. After her two months in the public affairs office, she continued to volunteer for mandays to support the operational readiness inspection. Throughout that time, she searched for opportunities to deploy and support the 442nd FW mission.

Her eagerness to deploy, dedication to her military service and professionalism make her this month’s Tip of the Spear.


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  1. Tracy I am so proud of you. You make your Mom and Country proud!!